Vacation-Deprived Americans Say Show Me the Money

AVacation drinkmericans prefer the almighty dollar over a vacation.

That’s according to yet another study – this one featured at CBS Moneywatch.

It’s not the first time a study revealed our disinterest in tropical drinks with little umbrellas.

Not only do Americans prefer cold hard cash, many fail to use all the vacation days they currently have as an employer-sponsored benefit.

Vacation-Deprived: An American Trait

Travel site Expedia released the 2013 Vacation Deprivation study.

Conducted online by Harris Interactive, the study exposed distinct differences between Americans and the rest of the world (as illustrated below).

Americans average 14 earned vacation days, but take only 10.

The rest of the world not only earn more, but are much better at actually using their earned vacation time.

Vacation Deprivation-Blog

 The Health Benefits of Vacation Time

Psychology Today shared what they called “one of the best benefits of vacations”.

The Framington Heart Study is a long-term cardiovascular study with the following findings.

  • Length of study – Began study in 1948 – ongoing – followed study participants over nine-year period
  • Effect on health – Discovered correlation between more frequent vacations and healthier lives
  • Increased risk – Men who skipped vacations were 30 percent more likely to have a heart attack than men who took at least one week of vacation

Of course, there is the issue of what those vacations look like.

In today’s 24/7 connected world, are we really getting away?

That’s a blog post for another day.

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