Mail-Order Pharmacies Don’t Deliver Like Brick & Mortar

In the eye of the consumer, mail-order pharmacies do not deliver like their brick and mortar counterpart.

That’s according to J.D. Power and Associates 2012 U.S. Pharmacy Study.

For the second consecutive year, the study shows a significant decline in customer satisfaction with mail-order pharmacies.

Hitting a Brick Wall

Customer satisfaction is hitting a brick wall for mail-order pharmacies.

  • Average satisfaction with mail-order is 792 on a 1,000 point scale
  • That average is 22 points lower than brick and mortar pharmacies
  • And 14 points lower than 2011 results

Brick by Brick

Brick and mortar satisfaction results have held steady.

  • Average score was 814 in 2012
  • That was a slight decrease from 818 in 2011

Layers of Study

The following are the measurements used in the study.

Brick and Mortar

There are five categories of measurement.

  1. Prescription ordering and pick-up
  2. Store
  3. Cost competitiveness
  4. Non-pharmacist staff
  5. Pharmacist

Mail-Order Pharmacies

This segment had four measurements.

  1. Cost competitiveness
  2. Prescription delivery
  3. Prescription ordering
  4. Customer service

The study reports a significant increase in overall satisfaction for customers who elect to use mail-order versus those who are required to use the service.

The study received responses from more than 12,700 pharmacy customers who had filled prescriptions in the three months prior to the survey.

You can view results for specific pharmacies at the J.D. Power and Associates site.


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