The Healthy, Unhealthy and Unpredictable Human

A huge burger next to fruit and vegetablesWhat makes today the day you stick to your healthy goals?

  • You’ve tried a zillion diets
  • Let multiple gym memberships lapse
  • Converted your treadmill into a clothes rack

Suddenly, it clicks.

And you’re not sure why.

Welcome to the wonderful, wacky health world of the unpredictable human.

Healthy Resistance

For all the science, all the behavioral modification techniques, we humans remain a challenge.

It’s a challenge that transformed health and wellness into a trillion dollar industry.

It’s a challenge that drives employer sponsors of wellness programs nuts. While the health care industry argues over the benefits (or lack thereof) of wellness programs, human behavior remains a mystery.

  • What motivates a person to change unhealthy behavior?
  • Why do some moments in time work why others fail?
  • What compels a person to keep going?

At a recent Wellness Symposium, Wendy Lynch, PhD, Co-Director of the Center for Consumer Choice in Health Care at Altarum Institute, shared a quote about weight loss that nicely sums up this issue.

“The issue of what makes a decision of sufficient importance to
maintain weight loss…remains unexplained.”
The decision to lose weight, Brink, P., Western Journal of Nursing Research

Healthy Choices

We have known for decades that smoking can introduce us to the Grim Reaper sooner than we would want.

Yet the 2014 U.S. Surgeon General’s Report on smoking predicts “…5.6 million of today’s Americans younger than 18 years of age will die prematurely from a smoking-related illness.”

Unless something changes.

Nearly 350 million people worldwide have diabetes.  An estimated 3.4 million people died from effects of high fasting blood sugar.

  • If a death sentence won’t do it, what will?
  • The secret is making healthy choices matter
  • The challenge is in discovering what makes that happen


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Notice of Disclaimer –Cathy Miller is not an attorney or health care provider and cannot provide legal or health care advice. The information provided is for your general background only, and is not intended to constitute legal or health care advice as to your specific circumstances. We recommend you review legislation with legal counsel and visit your physician for health care issues.

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