Health Insurance

Health insurance in the U.S. is complicated.

The following documents offer information about various health insurance plans, provisions, and features.

These are guides for understanding; however, your health insurance could be very different.


If your employer offers health insurance coverage, check with your human resources department for specific information about your health insurance.

If you purchase your own health insurance, contact your health insurance representative, agent or broker for answers to your questions.


Your Health Insurance Exchange Checklist for Choosing a Plan – This one page pdf document shares key factors to consider when choosing your health insurance plan from a public health insurance exchange.

12 U.S. Health Insurance Terms You Need to Know: That Cost You Money – What’s the #1 issue you want to know about your health insurance coverage? If you are like most people, it’s probably what do I need to pay out of my pocket.

This ebook describes 12 common terms in U.S. health insurance plans. These terms are the ones you want to understand as they typically mean money out of your pocket.

By learning these terms, you also discover what action you can take to save money. And who doesn’t like that?

There is a shorter SlideShare presentation on the same topic (shown below).


Health Savings Accounts – If your employer offers a health savings account (HSA) or you are purchasing an HSA on your own, you probably have a few questions.

This brief overview explains what HSAs are, how they work, what rules apply to HSAs, as well as some of the advantages of an HSA.


Notice of Disclaimer –Cathy Miller is not an attorney or health care provider and cannot provide legal or health care advice. The information provided is for your general background only, and is not intended to constitute legal or health care advice as to your specific circumstances. We recommend you review legislation with legal counsel and visit your physician for health care issues.