eVisits: Your Doctor Will e You Now

eVisit Post imageTechnology forecasting slates eVisits as the 21st century housecall.

In its 2014 report, global consulting firm, Deloitte shared the following predictions.

  • 100 million eVisits globally in 2014
  • 75 million eVisits in North America
  • Potential savings of $5 billion

Are eVisits in your future?

eVisits Options

An eVisit can take different forms.

  • A video call with your doctor
  • Software mobile applications (apps)
  • Encrypted email access to your doctor’s office
  • Online portal customized with your information

The video conferencing is less common and not as efficient from a time and cost-management perspective.

My primary care doctor’s office (and healthcare system) has the last option, known here as MyChart. Personally, I love the option, which contains the following information.

  • Messaging capabilities between doctor’s office and patient
  • Appointment scheduling requests/reminders
  • Medical records access including tests, medications, health issues and history
  • Billing and insurance information


The technology capabilities have been around longer than you may think. However, getting doctors (and patients) onboard has been slow.

The rapid expansion of mobile technology has had a big influence on the increasing growth of eVisits. Also, as other forms of technology became more affordable for both doctors and patients, this alternative to the in-person visit became more common.

If Deloitte’s predictions are accurate:

The 100 million eVisits represent a 400 percent growth rate from 2012 levels.


The report provided insight into potential savings, as illustrated below.

eVisit Infographic


Here in the U.S., the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act pushed for electronic health record systems in hospitals and physician offices. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) offers incentives for implementation.

Perhaps as providers become more accustomed to an electronic health care world, eVisits may become routine.

How about you? Would you “Like” an eVisit from your doctor?


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Notice of Disclaimer –Cathy Miller is not an attorney or health care provider and cannot provide legal or health care advice. The information provided is for your general background only, and is not intended to constitute legal or health care advice as to your specific circumstances. We recommend you review legislation with legal counsel and visit your physician for health care issues.

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  1. says

    OK. There are plenty of issues here.
    Too much gets missed when the TRAINED doctor doesn’t see you face to face. (Of course, nowadays, most docs don’t know how to use a stethoscope properly…) We know ourselves – but because we do- we lack perspective on the subtle changes.
    The eVisit will only work when the eLink to various devices is coupled with the process.
    Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA @ Cerebrations.biz´s last blog post ..What can we learn from this sad event?My Profile

    • says

      I agree that eVisits are not a replacement for needed face-to-face visits, Roy. However, I do think being able to have e-communication for simple issues can work.

      My doctor is excellent at setting the parameters , such as if such-and-such occurs or this doesn’t happen, set up an appointment. The success is very reliant on the physician. And on us as we must communicate well and not let changes slide. My 2 cents. 😉
      Cathy Miller´s last blog post ..eVisits: Your Doctor Will e You NowMy Profile

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